Woody’s House Of Hope UPDATE – Penonome Panama

Skye Wikjord passionateforward@live.com

The open house in Penonome, celebrating the existence of the all girls transitional home, was a success!  Approximately 60 people attended for a show n tell day on Saturday April 11th.  The resident girls greeted visitors and helped serve food and gave tours of the house. Visitors had a chance to witness first hand how this house is changing lives in Panama!

The tour of the house consisted of showing off the recently completed “adopt a room” projects.  Different donors choose a room to transform into cozy safe havens that 20 girls can now comfortably call their very own.  Each room has a theme and was given a name. The last couple rooms were completed just in time for the open house.  One of these rooms was named the “BellaJean” room. Cynthia Lehman (from Inside Panama Real Estate) and her friend, Elly David’s donated all the materials for this special room. The rooms name was a memorial for their mothers. What a special way to have their names carried on!

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Ending off the afternoon was heartfelt speeches from the resident girls themselves. The foundations founder and president also made announcements and gave out awards.  The awards were given to teams involved in a successful MONEY BOMB campaign.  It ran from February 10th to March 10th and raised $8000.  We could not have done this without the amazing support of all involved! The team at Inside Panama Real Estate was an integral part of the success of this house.  Inside Panama was a big part of the recent fundraising campaign and the “adopt the room” project.  Thank-you so much to the INSIDE PANAMA TEAM!!!

It’s always a full time job to continue advocating and raising funds for this transitional home. Through all this hard work we are already seeing the difference in the girls.  Their confidence and hope is climbing higher each day!  Knowing we have the support by people and businesses in the beach community to support them means more than words can say. You are the wind beneath their wings!!!

Yours Truly,

President of JLM Christian Foundation
(specifically for the Project – Woody’s House of Hope )

Skye Wikjord

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