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Why Panama Why Not

Panama’s former leader Mr. Ricardo Martinelli has been known to be the “man with a plan”. He only had five years to do what he wanted to do: to impact Panama and the world.

We have seen a few of the items on his to do list a reality. The Diablo Rojos buses are  a hazard of the past. They have already been replaced with the new and sleek looking transit buses that can be seen throughout the Balboa and Cinta Costera region of the city. The new transit system also includes the first phase of the new metro subway system that will run from the North East area of the city through to Albrook with 13 stops along the route.

New highways, extension of highways and the extension of the very much appreciated Cinta Costera. The building and renovation of these roads and thoroughfares not only alleviate traffic, but they have already created jobs. Panama has an unemployment rate of 6% and falling. Compared to the rest of the world where 10 – 12% is considered stable at the moment.

200 million dollars was spent on the upgrading of many local and international airports and landing strips. Enrique Malek Airport or otherwise known as David is got a 27 million dollar facelift, while Rio Hato is soon to become the interior’s International Airport. Tocumen will see the creation of a new airport city; that will feature golf courses, hotels and shopping for tourists and travellers. Howard Air force Base the centre and core of the New Panama Pacifico that has international companies moving in every week will also see a big chunk of the airport improvement fund. This incredible new city on the west side of the Bridge of the Americas is what has everyone clicking their heals in excitement and anticipation. International Corporate exposure means economic growth for years to come.

You can now take Garbage and Recycling off of your ‘cons’ list. Martinelli has cleaned up the Bay of Panama, and started the process of a country wide recycling program, including educating the next generation and imposing litter fines throughout Panama. He is also started the process of looking to improve the habitat by creating wildlife conservation centres. He has implemented a 4 year hiatus on any further beach front construction to protect Panama’s coveted Pacific and Caribbean shores.

Education was also on the five year plan. Martinelli had subsidized books and supplies and is placed computers into every school that are running on alternative power.

Unemployment is no longer an issue in Panama as a few tax breaks and pension subsidies have led to fewer people on the streets. The promotion of tourism and investment through simple initiatives, such as free medical tourist insurance for 30 days and longer tourist stays, have all aided in putting Panama on the international investors map. Martinelli had put a simple formula into action. Enrich what Panama already has to offer and Educate the people and great things will come to pass.

Before you ask yourself again “Why Panama”, turn around as ask yourself “Why Not”.

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