Traffic to Lighten Up in Panama: Deliveries at Night Only


Panama City is still experiencing a number of growing pains to go along with its massive growth and recent success.  A somewhat haphazard layout and traffic plan has led to frequent gridlock in several sections of the city.

Things are looking better, though, with the soon-to-start construction of a subway.  In the short term, the Panamanian government is prepping a package of new laws to help alleviate traffic congestion during peak hours.  Newsroom Panama explains further:

PANAMA  is moving to follow other cities around the world by limiting truck deliveries to night time.

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The program  would be introduced before start of Carnival in Panama City (from 18 to 21 nextFebruary18 -21) says the Transit Authority (ATTT) director Jorge Ricardo Fabrega.

“These measures will allow us to remove from circulation, at peak times, a large number of commercial vehicles,” he said.

In conversations with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries which brings together most of the companies that may be affected by these rules, it was found that for them it  an economic benefit to get  nighttime deliveries .  “We hope the  provisions will come  into force before the carnival,” he said.

The measures will be part of a package implemented in the coming months to reduce  traffic congestion caused by  the construction of the Panama Metro.

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