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The Amenities Of Home

The Amenities Of Home

Panama Real Estate

The Amenities Of Home

By Cynthia Lehman cynthia@lehmanteam.com

When my husband and I started talking about moving to Panama permanently my main concern was finding flavored creams for my coffee.  I am not referring to that powered stuff but the ‘real’ foo-fooy kind as he calls it. So, I did a recon and found it in Super 99.  Woohoo,  I’m in – let’s go! That was over a year and half ago.  Guess what, now there are four (yes 4), grocery stores within a block of each other, that carry every kind they make.  Jackpot!  That is only the first of many wonderful things I have found here in Panama.

We all have our requirements of a move whether it is to a new home in the same neighborhood or to a new country.  I recognized that Panama is not the United States (nor did I want it to be) and adjusted my thought process.  I have been pleasantly surprised and continue to be so.

For us, Panama is a lifestyle change.  We wake up every day to the sound of the waves kissing the sand, the gentle tropical breezes tussling our hair and the sun bringing promise for the new day.    We walk our two Huskies every morning on the beach and when we come back home I sit on the terrace drinking my coffee with the flavored coffee cream of the day – Life is Good!

Some of my other surprises include the personal care options.  I consider myself fairly low maintenance (although my husband might disagree) so I never really thought about where I would get a massage, a haircut or even a manicure and waxing.  As the word is spreading about what a great place Panama is, so are the opportunities for folks.  More people, more business.  Take massages for instance, I have a friend who gives the best massage in the whole world.  She and her young family came to Coronado around the same time I did.  She is trained in Canada and has become so popular I have to make my appointments almost a month in advance.

As for haircuts and coloring a new salon, or as the sign says – saloon, just opened recently.  The owner is Italian and flips his scissors like Tom Cruise flips bottles in the movie ‘Cocktail’.  My friends have all started using him not only because he is nice, good looking and entertaining but he carries high quality products and knows his stuff – ok, it could be the unbelievable scalp massages that keep us coming back – but any way, we all leave happy!

Manicures, pedicures and waxing are no problem! There are several options to choose from.  I was spoiled in the U.S. because I love the paraffin treatment on my feet as part of my pedicure.  I am happy to report there is a spa in Coronado that has all the amenities and more I am used to and they do a fantastic job.  I enjoy giving gift certificates to my favorite people from here.  Of course, I enjoy receiving gift certificates from the spa as well! My ‘waxologist’ does an awesome job with all those special areas!

What I discovered not long after I moved here is that Panama is far more advanced in many areas than I realized. As more and more people make a lifestyle change the opportunities are endless. For instance, we just hosted some friends, from the Washington DC area (my neck of the woods) who are in personal care.  They want to move to Panama because they see the need for their niche and they will do very well.

Every day we see new things being built and opening.  It is exciting to see so many innovative things coming our way.  I hope one of them is you!  Come check out Panama with me.  I’ll introduce to all my favorite places.

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