Once my wife and I decided to make the move to Panama, one of our most important decisions was where to live and to determine what kind of housing we were looking for. When visiting Panama on a Retire in Panama tour, we had received a presentation from Samm Ferreira of Inside Panama Real Estate. Samm had provided our group a lot of great information and was obviously very enthusiastic about being able to match a client with the kind of habitation they were looking for. So when the time came to actually start looking for a house in the Boquete area, we contacted Samm. We had complete confidence in Samm’s ability to find what we were looking for, and she did!

We sent Samm our list of requirements and she found us the perfect place. She sent us pictures and video for our review back in the United States. Once we got to Panama and physically looked at the house she found for us, we knew it was the perfect place for us and we have been very happy here. There is a lot of stress involved in moving to another country but when you have someone like Samm working for you to find you a place to live, it removes a lot of that stress I would strongly urge anyone looking to move to the Boquete area to contact Samm just as soon as you know you’re moving to the Boquete area. Although we are very happy where we’re at now, should the need arise in the future, we would contact Samm.