Realtors can be the most personable and likable sales people in the world. But, in the end, results are what count and Joanne Hatch delivered those to us in spades.

Two days after contacting Joanne, we met and it was clear that she was a go-getter and serious about selling our home. We appreciated Joanne’s straight forward and enthusiastic approach. We signed a six-month contract with Inside Panama Real Estate.

The following afternoon, Joanne called and said that she had a couple who were good prospects and could we please show the house to them the following morning. Well, sure! Privately, to ourselves, is this for real? Two days after signing the contract? We showed the house and the couple left super positive. That afternoon, they made a “Buy up” offer and we all signed an agreement to the terms. Just like that!!! Wow!

The following Friday, we signed the Promise of Purchase agreement and established the date for closing. The deposit arrived a week later.

The buyers and ourselves agreed that if Joanne hadn’t put us together, we might never have discovered each other. And that is the true added value of working with a good realtor who is connected to both the serious buyers and the sellers. Muchisamo gracious, Joanne!