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One of the dolphins that swam along our boat for part of the day! For more, click here!

Taking Clients Whale Watching Panama City

Our friends had an out of town guest, so they had booked a day adventure for a group of us to go whale and dolphin watching.  We left from the beach area of Coronado early on Sunday morning and headed to Panama City for our adventure.  We had lots of food, sunscreen and adult beverages packed for our all day event.

We started the morning with mimosas and breakfast pizza.  While on our way to Isla Toboga, Captain Phil noticed a lot of dolphin activity: they were everywhere!  What an incredible sight to see.

We stopped for a refreshing swim and snorkel in the crystal clear turquoise waters before having lunch onboard.  We even had a pelican visit us and “she” was very interested in my husband David.  Then we navigated over to Bona Island to check out deserted machinery that has been left there for some time.

At last … on the way back from Otoque Island we spotted the whales!  What an awesome time we had with friends, food, nature and the whales!  Take a look for yourself and make Panama a destination for your next vacation!

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