Spending a weekend in “Valle de Anton”

By Justin Lahitte

“Valle de Anton” is a town located in the Anton district, in the province of Coclé.
Fun fact: According to geologist, the Valle de Anton is located on a crater of a long dormant volcano.

I planned a two day stay in “El Valle”, counting on the weekend. After a two hour drive from the city, I arrived to my destination. The first thing you see when you enter the town, is the long main road which connects the whole town through little side streets beautifully surrounded by the most colorful flowers & plants.

The local market is the second highlight you will notice on the left hand side as you drive further into town.

valle de anton panama real estate usa europe
valle de anton panama real estate usa europe

I strongly recommend stopping by, there is a great variety of plants, fruits and vegetables for sale. Besides that, there are many souvenir vendors where you can get great stuff to bring home.

It was easy to find the hotel where I was going to stay, thanks to the great street signs. Once I arrived at “Hotel Campestre”, the attention was great! I was able to check into the room immediately and the staff helped me out with everything I needed.

The first place I visited was the Snake Conservation center, where you can see a variety of species, and receive training on how to handle them in emergency situations. It was very interesting to get to learn more about this subject.
After that, I went to “El Nispero zoo” where you can see some of the different animals that inhabit the country, and also the species of plants that grow in Panamá. This “biological tour” was a great experience as well and we learned a lot.
We ended the day having dinner at one of the local restaurants and enjoyed our ‘hot’ drinks, which reminds me, pack a jacket; it tends to get cold at night.

The next day, we got some picnic supplies in the local supermarket and headed to a place called “El chorro de las mosas”, a gorgeous river where you can go for a dip, walk & explore and you will eventually arrive at  a gorgeous waterfall.

Whether you are the adventurous type, looking for relaxation or love nature, I totally recommend visiting “El Valle”, and guarantee you will have a great time with so many things to do and see.

More about El Valle De Anton here!

Valle De Anton

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