Back to School: Panama International Schooling

By Lynda Bayliss

The kids have had a great summer going back to their home countries to visit friends and family.  They have had time to do the things that “beach” kids do best: surf, play football (soccer), play beach football, go shopping at the mall, and hang out on the beach with friends.

PCIS (Panama Coast International School) started back with high school kids on Monday, August 20th, middle school on August 27th and the restof the school starts on September 3rd.  Other beach schools in Santa Clara and Coronado start on September 3rd.

Our son Trent is one of about 13 high school students for this upcoming school year and Trent is starting his 2nd year at PCIS.  My husband David told me the other day, “one of the strange things about living in Panama is when my son Trent said that he can’t wait for school to start …. I thought to myself, that wasn’t the same conversation that we had when we were living in Texas.”

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Panama Coast International School (PCIS), where our son Trent goes to school, started its new year this week

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Trent heading out on his first day back at school

PCIS features small and individualized teaching instruction that has been extremely successful with our son.  The atmosphere is relaxed and the kids have the opportunity to excel.  One thing we love is that all ages of children from kindergarten to 12th grade interact with each other like a “home” environment and you don’t see that in traditional public schools.  School field trips are somewhat familiar, but at the same time drastically different.  They’re going white water rafting soon, but also taking tours of different parts of Panama and seeing the museums, etc.  What makes it different is that the kids are in a completely new culture, and are eager to learn.  We are looking forward to another school year!

A list of Schools here!

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