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Say Yes to Panama

By David Bayliss

Life in Panama is all about saying, “Yes!”  It’s that attitude that got me here with my family, and it’s that attitude that makes our lives here so awesome. We’ve said, “Yes!” to various invitations to social functions, and in that way we got to know so many people in the beach community. We’ve said, “Yes!” to doing business here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Once, I was asked to be in a play. I said, “Yes!” and ended up performing here in Panama to an audience that included some of my closest friends. Toward the end of last year, someone suggested participating in a race to the top of the El Valle volcano, and I said, “Yes!” I am glad I did, because it was an amazing experience.

Karyn Saunders, myself and some of our other close friends all said yes to running to the top of the volcano for the El Valle Ultra Run.

My son Trent had the amazing idea of having me wear his Go-Pro camera to document this experience; then he took the video that I did (over an hour long) and condensed it into about five minutes.  This was one of the most awesome runs in my life, and no words can explain how amazing this was.  Watch the video to see for yourself.

“Yes!” is working for me, and I plan to keep it going in the new year.  We started our 2014 on the top (24th floor) of Coronado Bay in Coronado, Panama, and saw fireworks as far as the eye could see in all directions.  You don’t have to be in New York or some metropolitan city to see the coolest fireworks display. There were fireworks right on the beach below and above us along the coast, mountains and all of the surrounding areas.  Other than last year (same time, same place), we have never seen anything like this.

After midnight there were so many Chinese lanterns being lit, and it was so beautiful to see them sailing in the skies over the ocean!

May your 2014 be filled with great times with friends and family — and don’t forget to make some time for your Panama adventure! Say yes to Panama, and then never stop.

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