Retire in Panama

Retirement Incentives in Panama

To retire in Panama is to immerse yourself into a retirement paradise, with breathtakingly beautiful locations, unparalleled benefits, and an upscale quality of life. Panama offers retirement incentives to foreign residents that apply for a Pensionado Visa. Once granted you are able to receive many discounts on living expenses, such as:

  • 50% Discount on movie theaters, cultural, and sporting events
  • 50% Discount on hotels Mon‐Thurs *30% on weekends
  • 30% Discount on other transportation
  • 25% Discount on restaurants
  • 25% Discount on airline tickets
  • 20% Discount on doctor bills
  • 20% Discount on medications
  • 20% Discount on professional and technical services
  • 15% Discount on hospital services if no insurance applies
  • 15% Discount on dental and eye exams
  • 5% Discount on utility bills
  • 1% Discount on home mortgages for personal residence
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Retirement and Relocation Benefits in Panama

Panama has been declared by many, to be the most preferred location to retire for North Americans outside the US. Many believe Panama tops the list of Central American countries for quality of life, health, education, and economic and personal well being.

Panama has the highest level of communications infrastructure for telephone, fax, internet, and cellular communications in all of South and Central America. As well as offering, the most sophisticated international banking center in Latin America, with more than 150 banks from over 35 different countries.

Panama offers world class medical care at affordable cost and is home to the John Hopkins International Medical Center. Private education is excellent! Panama has many international schools offering bilingual options.

Panama’s legal currency is the US dollar, eliminating currency exchange issues. The cost of living for rent, homes, services, utilities, transportation, food, etc. are well below US and European prices.

Panama City is fast becoming a shopper’s paradise. Whether you are shopping for fashion, computers, electronics, or automobiles, you will find it all there.

Panama has a perfect climate with temperatures between 77 and 87 degrees year round. The country is home to world class, deep sea fishing, surfing, and diving and snorkeling.

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