¿Qué pasa en Panama?

Cynthia Lehman cynthia@lehmanteam.com

Just returning from a short visit to the United States I wanted to share some of the many changes I found in the Coronado and beaches area upon my return. Many of you have had the opportunity to visit us and will appreciate how Panama continues to grow. Sometimes, it feels that things move with the speed of molasses here, but not always!

Just before you get to Coronado, you will find a huge shopping center going up on the PanAmerican Highway, they had to ‘move mountains’ to make it happen.  I watched truckload after truckload of dirt hauled away to make the land flat. You know how rumor mills work; we heard it was going to be a movie theater, then a Riba Smith and an Arrocha (this is similar to a CVS or Wahlgreens in the U.S.). However, the sign is up – so it must be true – it looks like will have a Do-It Center (hardware store), Dominoes Pizza, Arrocha, MiniMed and Gelarti.  I continue to hear a larger Riba Smith is coming but looks like we may have to wait a little longer for confirmation on that.

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For all you boat enthusiasts, the Marina Golf in Vista Mar continues to make progress. This is the only marina in the area. It is located inside the Vista Mar Golf and Beach Resort in San Carlos about an hour and half west of Panama City. Due to the large variation in tides on the Pacific Coast, sometimes up to 20 feet, the design is over one km long and accessed via a causeway.  It will serve the market for yachts up to 120 feet.

The project includes areas for storage and supplies of general products, fuels and hazardous waste, control house, port infrastructure, and my favorite – a restaurant!

Even the beach changed while I was gone. There was a week or so of swells reportedly from a storm off New Zealand that brought in a lot of sand and reshaped the beach.  The artistic ability of the ocean can be both amazing and dangerous simultaneously.

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Before I left a new car wash opened in the parking lot near Machetazo’s.  When I returned I found there are now 2 more car washes located in Coronado.  We also have a new clothes boutique and sports equipment store, as well as some new places for Happy Hours; LasYas and Sukha.

I have seen signs and advertisements for 2 new fitness boutiques, one in Coronado and one in Gorgona. The new shopping center at the entrance of Gorgona is about to open as well.

Another large fueling station has opened, the second in six months.  Hmm, maybe I should be buying stock in these companies.

A Tiki Bar is now open! Good news for those who love hanging right at a bar on the beach.  You can access it near the Bahia Resort in Gorgona.  It serves traditional Panamanian foods and a variety of drinks and beers.

As I look around and see the growth of new businesses and condo and housing developments it reminds me that there are others who see the potential in Panama and are taking advantage of progress.

Come and join us and bring your entrepreneurship!

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