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Cynthia Lehman

So you have never been to Panama but have read all about the wonderful things it has to offer. They are all true!  You are considering a trip but putting an itinerary together seems a bit daunting. We are here to help.  Let us take the anguish out of it for you.  Tell us when you are coming, what you would like to accomplish and we will do the rest.  You just sit back and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve.

Deb and Dave enjoyed one of our real estate tours earlier this year and this is what they had to say….

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We needed a big change!   After a long military career, we were used to moving frequently and experiencing other cultures.   That came to halt about 16 years ago, when we left the U.S. Navy for retirement.  Recently, we realized that the excitement of seeing what was over the next horizon was lacking in our lives.

After some internet searching, the idea of returning to Panama for a visit began to mature.   Fortunately, we contacted Inside Panama Real Estate to arrange a tour and explore the possibility of purchasing a second home.  Panama had been our last duty station in the late 90’s and we felt comfortable with customizing what we wanted to see based on past experience.  The great folks at Inside Panama Real Estate were exceptional.  They put our entire week together exactly as we asked and were even open to little tweaks here and there once we were on the ground.   Cynthia  put her heart and considerable energy into making this a fun and memorable visit.  They were so completely in tune with our desires that we bought the first condo we saw.  They knew what we wanted and took us directly there.  Doesn’t get much better!  And the rest of the week was open to reconnect with places we knew and to make new friends.

We recommend Inside Panama Real Estate Tours  to anyone looking for one stop shopping and a finger on the pulse of real estate in Panama.

Dave and Deb Foreman

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