In Panama Real Estate Tours Brings a Group to the Beach

By Cynthia Lehman

Three days at the Live and Invest conference to learn about living in Panama? Worth it.

The opportunity to experience the lifestyle firsthand? Priceless!

Bright and early on a Saturday morning, right after the Live and Invest in Panama Conference, 16 people boarded a bus for the Coronado beach area to get a taste of life in paradise with a real estate tour that focuses on the real.

The group had the opportunity to explore the community, meet the people and immerse themselves in the Panama lifestyle.

We toured multiple investment opportunities in the Coronado area, enjoying lunch at the Bahia and a cocktail hour at Coronado Golf.

While some of the group returned to Panama City that night, many decided to stay for a few days to explore the community and enjoy the warm sun, relaxing surf, and soft sand.

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Paul and Ann from Virginia were a part of this group, and I thought I’d share the letter they wrote about their experience with us:

“First of all, we cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with us touring the Coronado area. You and your team were so awesome and your hospitality and professionalism was unprecedented. We appreciated the no-pressure, honest ‘first-hand’ exposure you shared with us of the highlights of Panama. We are tentatively planning a return to Panama within the next 60-90 days and would not even consider working with any other person/group then you/yours. Ann may stay for an extended period of time to more thoroughly evaluate our options and I may travel back and forth to continue with my work and dealing with “loose ends”. The Coronado area was everything we had hoped for.

We were very impressed with the attention given to us as young retirees in Panama. Having visited Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Mexico in the last few years, we enjoyed Panama more for a number of reasons. We visited the canal and were able to experience first-hand the provisions given to the ‘old folks’. It was more than just hearing about the advantages, it was an opportunity to learn while taking advantage of the offerings.

 The health care system is awesome! My finger progressively became more infected for whatever reason after arriving in the country to the point it was swollen and extremely sensitive. I was told as a US visitor that I could access the health care system for the first 30 days free. I reluctantly went to the clinic on a Sunday morning. The receptionist spoke better English (apologetically) than I spoke Spanish and informed me that my situation was not an emergency and that I may be required to pay $60 due to this being an emergency clinic on Sunday morning (no more than what we would pay for a ‘doc-in-the-box’ here in the states). I emphasized to them that my finger was very infected, and that the infection was spreading.

They contacted someone at the national level and after determining that I could not understand what they were saying, the receptionist resolved the problem and indicated my situation had been deemed an emergency and would be covered. I provided simple contact information and was then escorted back to the treatment area by a nurse. After taking my vital signs and confirming once again my finger was very infected, she summoned the doctor. The doc immediately showed up bedside and again confirmed my finger was very infected and would have to be lanced. I welcomed that after having attempted to do so myself with a needle and pocket knife to relieve the pressure.

After confirming he was Panamanian and was trained in Panama (he was young enough to be my son), the doc proceeded to lance my finger, wrap the finger, and prescribe meds. I then walked across the foyer to the pharmacy to get my meds filled. That pharmacist could not speak English. I encouraged him to summon the young receptionist across the hall and our communications were soon re-established. She confirmed that though my healthcare was covered, I would have to pay for my meds. Forty-five minutes total after arriving at the clinic, I was on my way, finger lanced and feeling much better, meds on board, and for a whopping $40!!!!   Nothing like what I experience here in the states and I love my doc.

The people were so friendly in Panama, the area in Coronado was so beautiful (we are beachy people), and the food was excellent! For $0.55, I learned quickly how to say ‘Balboa cerveza por favor!’ Thanks again for the time invested in us showing us the various real estate options, your hospitality, and for your friendship.”

Their experience is exactly why we do what we do at Real Estate Tours in Panama — you won’t know if it’s a fit for you until you come and try it out, and we want to give you a snapshot of what your life could be like if you join us here. Hope to see you on an upcoming tour!

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