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These are exciting times for Panama! It ranks highest in the latest Gallup happiness poll published in “USA Today”.  The poll, conducted in 2013 by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, ranked Panama top among  135 countries on subjective well- being – not just how much health or wealth people have but how they feel about their lives. A previous poll found Panamanians have upbeat attitudes, which is determined by things like laughing and smiling and enjoying life.   They have a lot to smile about; the standard of living has increased due to a low unemployment rate because of the economic boom brought on by the canal expansion and the growing tourism focus.  Not to mention the weather is consistently warm and bright, and the sun rises over the Pacific everyday (look that one up!).

Not only is this one of the happiest places,  it has been rated one of the top retirement spots in the world by many U.S. Publications such as International Living and AARP for various reasons which include generous discount and retirement programs.

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Panama has a lot to offer visitors and perspective residents, including beaches on both Pacific and Caribbean water and a festive cultural atmosphere filled with plenty of dancing, tradition and fun.

Panama is a hidden paradise. You can find volcanoes ad skyscraper skylines, coffee plantations and ultra-hop clubs.  Cinta Costera, a boulevard in the city links the old and new areas.  You will find the active outdoorsperson, tourists and a beautiful city skyline – one that surprises many visitors.  Relax on one of the San Blas or Pearl Islands, learn how coffee is produced in Boquete or visit one of the Orchid farms in the Panamanian rainforest. Everywhere you go in Panama it is unusual.

Whether you are considering Panama as your next destination or are currently living here full time, you can choose from one of our various real estate tour options and visit some places you haven’t experienced before. Discover the Panamanian way of life: explore the communities, taste the food, immerse yourself in the culture and chat with others who have chosen to live the lifestyle. Get all your questions answered first hand when you take a tour with us. Inside Panama Real Estate Tours can help find the perfect place for you, whether it is a villa with swaying palm trees on the beach, or a condo in the bustling city, or a castle (yes, castle)  in the cooler highland regions.  It is an excellent time to invest in Panama. You can choose from a dwelling for yourself, a hotel on the beach or a golf course in the mountains.  The opportunities are unlimited.

Select from one day beach or city tours to ‘Almost Everything Panama’ to ‘Private Tours’ where you can design the agenda and check out all those places your have heard and read so much about. We travel the country from Panama City to Coronado to Pedasi to Boquete and Bocas del Toro and more.  Set your course and chart your future. Prices range from $89 on up, depending on your preferences. We help you discover the ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘challenging’ of living in Panama.  We teach you about the laws of living, retiring and investing in Panama and assist you in determing if Panama is right for you.

Book It Today! There is no better time than now to gets your boots on the ground and see what life in Panama is really like. Visit www.insidepanamarealestatetours.com or call our office and explore how to start living the lifestyle you deserve! 

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