Panama a Multicultural Country

By: Jose Vega

My name is José Vega I am Panamanian, I must clarify I can’t really say that Panama is the best country in the world because I have not yet been out of my country.
As you may know Panama has a large amount of people from all over the world who visit Panama on a daily basis, searching for opportunities or to simply enjoy my country.

Panama has so many different cultures, and it’s great to share those together, Panamanian or not Panamanian.

Why is it so important to co-live with so many different cultures? Because everybody loves their own countries customs & traditions, to be able to live in a multicultural country like Panama we have to take this in consideration and you are bound to make many friends from all over the world!

Spanish is the countries First Language. As second, we have English, which was implemented not too many years ago in the public schools as obligatory subject. You might want to take this in consideration if you are planning your trip to Panama, as not all Panamanians fully speak and understand English as the Tourism websites from Panama say. But with that said, there are a LOT of people that do speak English or can at least understand and are able to help in all your needs.

As I have noticed, there are many people from all over the world who come to Panama and also do not speak and understand much English. I have seen foreigners and Panamanians talking to each other and I was pleased to see that the people are really friendly trying to help each other.

If you decide to come to Panama and do not speak Spanish please do not hesitate to ask for help because we are happy to!! And we love the fact that you are willing to give it a try!!
Also, be sure to do the same when speaking to somebody who does not speak English, being a good samaritan, we live in the same world, we are different, but we share this world 😉

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In Panama there are two sides to know; Panama City and “El Interior”, the interior. The spanish accent varies a little in each part of the country. Some people make the words shorter when they speak: “pescado – pescao” while others have a very polished well articulated Spanish and then you have the words that cannot be found in the dictionary!!

Right now we find ourselves in summer. It is hot, sunny and windy. It will stay like this up till the end of April where you will start noticing the climate changing and prepare for the rainy season.
Other than these two seasons Panama is pretty stable, the only time we had a “different occuring” happening was before I was born, 23 years ago and hail came falling our of the sky. So it definitely is VERY VERY rare that things like that happen.

Anyway, I love my country and I’m sure you will fall in love with Panama too!!

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