Why Boca Chica Could Be Panama’s Smartest Real Estate Investment

Tropical beaches with white sand are fringed by gently swaying coconut palms near Boca Chica, Panama. Fresh, ocean breezes with a hint of salt are welcome under the hot sun. Like a painting brought to life, sunsets bring a fitting end to each and every day with colors that tint the waves of the Pacific Ocean orange, red, and purple. Amazingly, there aren’t any big resorts, there aren’t even a whole lot of people for how scenic the area around Boca Chica, Panama is, and islands out in the Chiriqui Gulf are just waiting to be explored. Boca Chica, Panama is slowly being discovered but it’s still has some of the most pristine, easy to get to, and beautiful beaches in Central America.

History of Boca Chica, Panama

Boca Chica, Panama has a rather quiet history and not a whole lot has probably changed here since people began fishing these rich waters several hundred years ago. Some of the biggest changes are likely taking place now with the discovery of this beautiful area by investors.

Culture in Boca Chica, Panama

The culture in and around Boca Chica, Panama is related to the riches of the Chiriqui Gulf. Most families in the area have made a living off of fishing in the nearby waters and as in most tropical beach communities in the world, life is typically relaxed, and it’s easy to forget about the time, day, or date.

Some locals have switched from being small fisherman to being fishing guides and run charters out into the deep, blue waters outside of the gulf. Others have also begun to earn a living off of tourism as guides for snorkeling and diving trips.

The growing ex-pat community at Boca Chica is also becoming a part of the local culture.

Activities in and around Boca Chica, Panama

The activities in and around Boca Chica, Panama are mostly related to her biggest and most important resource; the Pacific Ocean.

The Chiriqui Gulf National Marine Park is found just offshore of Boca Chica, Panama and covers a large area of water and islands in Chiriqui Gulf (nearly 15,000 hectares or 36,000 acres). Many people visit Boca Chica, Panama to participate in snorkeling and diving tours in the coral reefs and other dive sites protected by this national park. The numbers and types of fish are impressive and include dozens of species of colorful, tropical reef fish, White-tip Sharks, rays, sea turtles, and much more. Due to the clarity of the water in the national park, these fish are also pretty easy to see.

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Types of accommodations available in Boca Chica, Panama

Right on the edge of the Pacific, this beautiful, unspoiled natural area provides the best of all worlds. A warm, tropical atmosphere all year round yet with the city and mountains just a short drive away. Not forgetting the InterAmericana Highway runs just 20 minutes away and recent widening has made access and journey times even better.
We have teamed up with the spectacular Hotel Bocas del Mar, the leading hotel in the area, on the mainland just outside Boca Chica village, as our partner and base for real estate information.
Guests can enjoy high quality bungalow-style accommodations in an awesome location on the oceanside, surrounded by amazing tropical gardens.
There’s a gourmet, water’s edge restaurant on site open to the public for lunch and dinner, 2 gorgeous infinity pools for hotel guest use and a full trip and activity program to visit the Gulf of Chiriqui islands and their beautiful white sand beaches.
The hotel was chosen as Top Hotel in Panama for Customer Service in 2016 by TripAdvisor users.
Other nice places to stay near Boca Chica are the Cala Mia and the Seagullcove Lodge. Both are comfortable, boutique hotels, with the Cala Mia being one of the more eco-friendly hotels in Panama.
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Tourism in Boca Chica, Panama

Tourism has become an important part of Boca Chica’s economy and is growing in popularity due to this small fishing town being the main jumping off point for snorkeling and diving in the Chiriqui Gulf Marine National Park, and for the excellent fishing found in nearby waters.

With the construction of a new marina and further development of the area around Boca Chica, Panama , tourism will almost certainly continue to play a large role for the economy of this fishing village.

Real estate in Boca Chica, Panama

Boca Chica has become a very popular area to buy real estate for ex-pats. The several reasons for this include:

    • Boca Chica’s proximity to David
    • The third largest city of Panama
    • The quiet atmosphere with plenty of elbow room.
    • Lots of empty, tropical beaches.
    • Fantastic snorkeling and fishing found nearby.

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