Coronado Panama and the Surrounding Area

Coronado Panama. The beach, the ocean, the golf course, horseback riding and surfing all in one day! Nothing could be better for the sun loving property shopper. Buying or renting a home at the beach in Panama is a no-brainer if that describes you. What magical piece of Panamanian real estate could we be referring to?

It’s Coronado Panama, a beach community with a small town feel even though the crowded, busy streets of Panama City are less than an hour away. Tropical beaches with warm, clear water. Beautiful, seaside sunsets every evening. A vibrant, beach community with good restaurants, shopping malls, pharmacies, and everything else you need from good medical care to hardware stores. This might sound like Miami but its much further south and a lot more friendly.

History of Coronado Panama

Native tribes fished the waters off the coast of Coronado, Panama and hunted the savannas inland of this beach town long before the Spanish arrived in the sixteenth century. After the arrival of the Spanish, most of the native population succumbed to introduced diseases or were enslaved and killed off by the colonizers (a fate shared by most native peoples of the Americas at this time in history).

The Spanish eventually set up large estates around Coronado, Panama (originally known as Chiru) to farm produce and raise livestock for Panama City and other settlements. In addition, locals survived by fishing the rich waters of the coast.

Life in Coronado, Panama functioned in a similar agrarian context until 1941 when Robert Eisenman founded the modern beach town of Coronado, Panama. It has since grown into a great community that has retained a small town feel.

Culture in Coronado, Panama

The culture of Coronado, Panama was like many other places in rural, coastal Panama before it became a developed, modern beach town. The few people who lived in the area for the most part lived a simple life based on fishing in the ocean. Things were quiet and there was plenty of time for contemplation.

There are still people who reside around Coronado, Panama who make their living off of the ocean, but the culture has mostly changed to that of a “beach town”. While there are still similarities to the culture of pre-developed Coronado such as plenty of time for contemplation (another way to say, “very little stress”), the culture of modern Coronado, Panama is made more vibrant and comfortable by the amenities offered and the people from Panama and elsewhere who have moved to or visit this pleasant town.

Activities in Coronado, Panama

Coronado, Panama was developed to be a beach town, therefore the general activities are those in common with other good, vacation beaches in the world. Although riptides can make the waters off of the beaches at Coronado, Panama dangerous for swimming, surfing and kite surfing are possibilities, there is a golf course at the Coronado Golf and Beach Resort, an equestrian club, a variety of shopping malls and stores, and extensive, beautiful beaches.

There are also several good restaurants in the area that serve excellent seafood. Residents of Coronado, Panama also have the good fortune of being able to buy fresh lobster, snappers, and other seafood right from local fishermen on the beach!

Types of accommodations available in Coronado, Panama

A number of hotels are found in Coronado, Panama. Most of them are beach resorts that have good amenities, a pool, restaurant, nice rooms, and plenty of activities for their guests to choose from. Many have views of the ocean, but not all, so make sure to specify when booking.

Most of the hotels at Coronado, Panama are more costly than other areas of the country because they cater to affluent Panamanians and affluent foreign tourists. Nevertheless, there is still at least one budget option in town, the SeaSol Coronado Beach Guest House (which offers surfing lessons), and many hotels with lodging at lower prices than those of North America or Europe.

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Tourism in Coronado, Panama

Coronado, Panama has been a popular destination for Panamanians since it was founded in the 1940s and is becoming even more popular as word gets out about the beauty and amenities of this beach town.

Tourists come to Coronado, Panama for a beach resort experience and since that is exactly what they get, they often come back on annual vacations to Coronado. Some like it so much that they purchase a condo or move to the area on a permanent basis.

Real estate in Coronado, Panama

Coronado, Panama isn’t just a place to let the sun and sand of the beach wash away your stress during a short vacation. Many people visit it for this reason but just as many want to buy real estate in Coronado.

Ex-pats and Panamanians are jumping at real estate in the Coronado area because it’s simply a beautiful place to live. The Coronado market has beach homes and condos and houses in all price ranges. Why not live where people dream about taking a vacation? So many thousands of people don’t visit Coronado, Panama just because it has a catchy sounding name. No, they come here year after year not just because Coronado is beautiful and fun, but because it also has a pleasant, safe, small town atmosphere. What could be better for your health than a place like that? Browse our site to explore more of what kinds of Coronado Panama properties are available.

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