Boquete Panama Real Estate

Boquete Panama Real Estate is one of the top choices in the world for ex-pats. A beloved retirement destination and also one of the most visited places in not just Panama, but in Central America as a whole. These two factors make buying real estate in Boquete, Panama a very good investment decision.

Boquete offers a wide selection of options in real estate in the Republic of Panama. Every thing from Condos and homes in gated developments to lots and land that you can shape into your own version of paradise. Simple to palatial homes and everything in between. You will even find farms for sale in Boquete, including actual Boquete Coffee plantations! Boquete has grown to now include altos de Boquete, bajo de Boquete, Potrerillos, Palmira as well as several other areas. Once you have made the decision to come to Boquete to find a home for sale, call our local office where our expert staff can help to guide you toward the right location for you needs.

There are absolutely no signs that Boquete’s popularity as a destination and choice for retirement is about to decrease any time soon. On the contrary, it will probably increase in popularity as Panama becomes more recognized as THE place to visit in Central America.

Discover the brilliance of Boquete Panama real estate. Mountains cloaked in green forests can be seen from any direction in Boquete, Panama. The air is clean and scented by the profusion of tropical plants and flowers that grow so well in its perfect climate and volcanic soils. High enough in elevation to have a cooling effect yet low enough to still be warm, Boquete, Panama feels like beautiful June days in the northeastern United States. The main difference is that in Boquete, Panama, June temperatures never end.

History of Boquete, Panama

Although the pre-Columbian history of Boquete, Panama is not very well known, like other mountainous areas is western Panama, it was probably inhabited by groups of Ngöbe-Buglé people.

After Spanish colonization, Boquete, Panama got its name that means “opening or gap” from people who were searching for a quick route between both coasts. Farmers mostly arrived in the area around Boquete sometime during the nineteenth century and founded various settlements shortly thereafter.

The town itself wasn’t officially established until 1911 when coffee had gained a firm foothold as the most important cash crop in the area. In more recent times, Boquete has become one of Panama’s most popular tourist destinations and retirement destinations.

Culture in Boquete, Panama

Ngöbe Buglé people still reside in and around Boquete, Panama although the culture of the town is a blend of rural Panamanian culture and a vibrant ex-pat community from North America and Europe.

This large ex-pat community makes up twenty-five percent of the population in Boquete Panama, and makes it an easy place to find English speakers.

Activities in Boquete, Panama

In Boquete, Panama, there are a wide variety of activities to choose from whether one is just passing through as a tourist, living there for part of the year, or residing in Boquete, Panama on a permanent basis.

Most of the activities in Boquete, Panama take advantage of its beautiful surroundings. A good way to quickly get above Boquete and view the valley where it is located is to hike (if you are very fit), drive, or (best of all) bike, two roads known as the Bajo Mono Loop and Volcancito Loop. They both ascend into cloud forests in the hills that overlook Boquete and provide very scenic views.

Near Boquete, coffee farms can also be visited and guides can be hired to hike and birdwatch in the nearby forests of Volcan Baru National Park. There are also possibilities for horseback riding, river rafting, and soaking in hot springs.

In Boquete, Panama itself, the flowers and coffee festival held every January is the major attraction of the year. This ten day fair fills Boquete, showcases exquisite flower and coffee exhibits, has carnival rides, live acts, and is a fun time for people of all ages.

In April, another flower festival takes place in Boquete, Panama. This time, it’s fancy, incredible orchids that are on display. Since people come to Boquete for these festivals from both within Panama and many corners of the world, visitors planning to come to Boquete during these times better book far in advance or expect to stay in nearby David.

Types of accommodations available in Boquete, Panama

Boquete is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Panama. Fortunately, there is such a wide variety of options for accommodation that travelers of any and all budgets can visit Boquete. There are more than three dozen hotels, bed and breakfasts, and pensions to choose from in and around Boquete.

panama usa europe real estate boquete
panama usa europe real estate boquete

Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast A Boutique Bed & Breakfast

Intimate, modern and comfortable Bed & Breakfast in Boquete, Panama. Ideally located on the main road in a safe residential neighborhood 15-minute walk from the center of town. There are 6 rooms available to choose from.  Each with a private bathroom, some with balconies and others with outside seating. The state-of-the-art amenities in each room include flat screen TV, DVD player, Cableonda premium channels, memory foam mattresses and pillows, refrigerators, microwaves, dehumidifiers, ceiling and pedestal fans, high end linens, and rain shower heads. The nightly rate includes a full International Breakfast and a drink during the evening Social Hour. Check out more details on the website: Casa de Montaña Bookings can be made directly from the website or over the phone by calling on either the Panama or the U.S. number.
The cheapest are pensions and hostels found right in the town and the most expensive are the more luxurious options found near town such as the Valle Escondido and the Hotel Valle del Rio.

Tourism in Boquete, Panama

Although coffee is still important for the local economy of Boquete, tourism has become the major player in Boquete. Despite tourism being so important, this mountain town has not lost its charm and does not feel very “touristy”. There are a large number of things to do and see for just about any budget, plenty of accommodation, many excellent restaurants, local guides, and English is widely spoken.

With such a good reputation, tourism will no doubt continue to play a major role in Boquete for many years to come. Don’t wait to find your perfect piece of Boquete Panama real estate today.

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