Why Panama is the Best Place to Learn Spanish

February 2016 Newsletter
By Gabriele Monti monti.g@gmail.com

People who want to learn Spanish are opting more and more for Central America, to be exact Panama seem to be one the most preferred locations. Panama has it all: climate, history, culture, transport links and high standard of living.

So, if you are hesitating about where to go to learn Spanish, here you will find some good reasons to opt for this new destination!

First of all, it is important to remember that Panama is located exactly in the Center of America, so it has many neighboring countries. For example, San Jose in Costa Rica is just one-hour-flight far away. Don’t forget that if you choose Panama you also have the option to easily visit North or South America due to the country advantageous location. On the other hand you can reach Panama from many American and European airports and it is served by many important airlines.

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The beauty of Panama City

Panama City is renowned to be three cities in one. What does it mean? It means that you will find a modern Panama, cosmopolitan and multicultural, with its contemporary discos, a large variety of restaurants, pubs and the banking district. But there is also Old Panama City, called by the locals “http://www.patronatopanamaviejo.org/ppv2014/es/“, where you will find the ruins of the first Spanish settlement on the Pacific ocean. Furthermore, you have the colonial Casco Viejo, well known for its typical intimate atmosphere. So Panama is one the best spots not just for the language but also to learn about Latin Spanish culture and history.


The climate is an aspect not to underestimate as well. Panama City has a tropical climate, so temperatures might be high if you come from temperate climates. it means that you can have 25 c degrees from the early morning and rising. However, there is a little seasonal variation. So no more cold winters! You should also consider that It is a city at sea level, it will not be only a language study trip, but also a real holiday.


According to governmental studies Panama is a very safe country. A bit of common sense is always recommended as in any country. Also according to recent reports, crime statistics are actually down.

Standard of Living

If you plan to live for longer periods of time in Panama the standard of living has to be consider as well. There you will find excellent roads, also you can get around using one of the many cheap taxis! The airport is modern and comfortable, connected to the main cities by fast highways; moreover, there you have the largest port of the Caribbean.

It can seem secondary, but do not forget that there is Internet access everywhere, including Wi-Fi and you will see that it is fundamental when living alone in a completely new country. In addition, if you are in need of a mobile phone, you ca find a pre-paid one in a blink of an eye.

Finally yet importantly, always remember that Panama own currency is tied to the US dollar 1:1, so it will keep things a lot easier for you.

Panama with a combination of good climate, history, and high standard of living makes one of the best (and convenient) spots  around the world to learn a new language.

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