Oferta Simple and Finding Great Deals in Panama

Rudi and Elise van Enoos rvanenoo@me.com

Since coming to Panama we have discovered so many unique and precious places and experienced so many “wow” moments, ranging from remote and undiscoverd nature, to fine dining and entertainment in Panama, as well as in Panama City.

The way we discovered so much and had an opportunity to visit and explore so many of these gems this country has to offer, we immediately subscribed to a couple of coupon type services. Groupon is very big here as is Oferta Simple, both offer the same type of deals, almost daily. These are special offers all over Panama, including a great deal of eco-travel, adventure trips, as well as lodging and dining in every part of the country. Most of it at very large discounts; many at half price. Of course, we often just simply cannot refuse some of the incredible offers. We started to buy them up and over the past couple of years we have gotten quite a complete view of what is possible here and what is available to enjoy and explore.

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An Oferta Simple deal from earlier this summer

Just as an example; we just got back from one of these offers. They called it a romantic night that included a luxurious room, a Spa experience and a massages for two, dinner, and breakfast. All very competent and the food was very good. The hotel (The Royal Sonata) is located in downtown Panama City, easy to get to, valet or garage parking at no charge, 27 floors, all very clean, exceptionally large, every room very new or at least re-newed, tasteful, extremely quiet. We could not help but sleep like babies. I am not promoting this hotel in particular, though it was great. I am promoting the value of exploring Panama at affordable prices. We have done this many times with many hotels and restaurants, lodges, boats trips, tours in the City, tours on Gatun lake/canal and each one is unique, some great, some really great and then some not. Oh, well, goes with the experience. Its all good.

As a result, we learned a lot and the process is delightful. You get to experience new places, new tastes, new parts of town and country and have it be completely affordable. This package I mentioned above, for instance, was offered at $127, all inclusive for the two of us. Where in the world do you get such a deal? Nowhere! This is absolutely first class at an extremely affordable price. These offers allows one to do it more frequently than we would otherwise.

We have gone to the most remote places in the country imaginable with complete ease and confidence regarding safety and comfort. The City, too, is so close to all the beach towns we often just pop in there for a special offer for lunch or dinner and as a result have gotten some of the most amazing meals, places we would never have discovered on our own and again, at very affordable prices. That all makes it fun and exciting and makes us want to do it again and again. You also really get to know your surroundings and its possibilities as well as its limits. In other words a great way to get to know this country through and through. Nothing like it anywhere I have lived before.

So, remember Groupon, Oferta Simple, et al is a simple way to experience Panama at a great price. Enjoy.


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