My move to Panama

By: Wanda de Winter

White Warm Christmas

Two months ago I moved from cold Amsterdam (Holland) to warm Panama to live and work.
Instead of renting a house in the capital, which I thought I was going to do, I ended up in
Coronado where I started working together with Inside Panama Real Estate and I think this new       year is going to be an excellent one. So far it has been wonderful.

It’s quiet here and very close to the beach! We are never stuck in traffic and we can choose between three big supermarkets or malls for our groceries. And guess what one of the supermarkets has here;  a special electonic escalator especially for your shopping cart! Just load your shopping cart hook it into the escalator and continue shopping on the next floor.

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I can recommend Panama to everyone who wants to live in a tropical place with friendly people and a relaxed atmosphere.

There are lots of beautiful properties in gorgeous areas available for purchase; which Im hoping to visit soon because Im so impressed by the pictures I saw.
To compare Europe to Panama is almost impossible (both have their portion of goods and bads), but with a bit of patience and lot’s of laughs you will love it here.

Whenever I see the palm trees and the clear blue sky, I’m very happy I moved here.
This year I had a warm Christmas instead of a  cold & white one and that was very special. We celebrated Christmas with the Panamanian family of my boyfriend in Panama City.

We shared a lovely, typical Panamanian meal consisting of rice & guandú, ham with pineapples, fried chicken and ‘dulce’ (a specially made Christmas cake).

The kids were very excited because at midnight they could open the presents that were awaiting them under the Christmas tree.
When the smallest one (5 years old) asked at 6.30 pm if it was already 12 o’clock we had just opened the second bottle of wine and answered that it was slightly later than the last time she asked.

Finally at midnight the paper wrappings were flying around, we could see the fireworks over Panama from the balcony on the 16th floor; it was an amazing experience.

The year 2015 had a good start already because we’re moving to a beach house with a stunning ocean view. I have palm trees in my yard and hammocks in the rancho where I can listen to the ocean breeze and enjoy the beauty of my new country. I can’t wait to find out what the rest of this year in Panama will bring.

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