What makes this little tropical paradise called PANAMA so amazing at this time of the year?


Yeah, yeah… we know that the Panama Canal is awesome and all the rainforests, rich biodiversity, culture and history make the whole country great. But… being a huge animal lover, I have to say it is the Humpback Whales!

Do you know that Panama is the only country in the world where humpback whales from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres come to breed and give birth? Amazing, right? And not only that, from July to October we have over 2,000 whales, with a 99.9% chance to see them. Humpback whales are the easiest to see since they remain long on the surface and are known as sea acrobats.

panama real estate
panama real estate

So what is it about these larger-than- life animals that makes them so special? On the whale watchers list they’re about Number 10. Here in Panama, the humpback whale is the favorite of all the tourists. Consider the reproduction of this majestic animal, do you know that it takes about 11 months for gestation and is the reason for the 5,000 kilometer epic migration? Humpback whale calves must be born in warm water to survive and grow for the return to polar waters. They are great fun to watch, too! One of my favorite things is that they routinely leap into the air and land back in the water with a tremendous splash! If you are on a tour in the Contadora Islands and Pearl Islands, every 10-20 minutes you will see a new group of whales that will put on a show, it’s so beautiful. Just imagine for a moment, watching these enormous animals of 12-14 meters and 40 tons, jumping in the backdrop in front of you on a normal afternoon with the sun glistening on the ocean surface.

This really is an experience of a lifetime! You cannot ask for a better opportunity to watch how nature flows in Panama than during the whale watching season. Besides the majestic whale show, you can enjoy turquoise water and eat delicious local food while you are enjoying the tour! So if you are looking for a unique spot to observe whales, you have to come to the right place, PANAMA!

In Pearl Islands, Panama you can watch the Humpback Whale

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