My Internship in Panama

Spencer Herrity ( Going into college in 2012 I knew I would have to do something extra to place myself in front of other current students, as well as the students that have already graduated. This, for me, was doing things like internships, studying abroad, and really anything that I believed wasn’t particularly the norm. After running a landscaping business for the summer of 2013, I realized that I wanted to do something more beneficial than just making money right now. This lead to another train of thought that was, luckily for me, somewhat influenced by my parents.

Given that my mother had moved down to Panama in June of 2013, I was afforded my chance to do something different and explore some new horizons in my life. In the early part of 2014, through conversation with my parents, I decided I would go to Panama for a period of time to explore an internship and also to fulfill an independent study course in which I could obtain some credits. My date of departure finally came and I made my way into the swing of things within the community. This included anything from weekly events to walking the beach in the mornings.

panama usa europe real estate
panama usa europe real estate

Once I was comfortable and adjusted I got to work doing both my independent study, in which I interviewed various people within  the community (both native and immigrant) to get their opinion of the political system; and also my internship where I would be working with a company called Inside Panama Real Estate whose specialty is in the name. Though I was not selling real estate I was doing logistical work for the company helping them organize and have the ability to perform more effectively. The work I was doing for this company was in no way what I am studying in school and is not what I want to do as a future career but I took the opportunity anyway. For me, doing an internship does not have to be something you like, I could chalk it up to the college’s requirement of general education courses we have to take in order to truly decide if we like one discipline over another.

Though my time in Panama was to focused on the company and my study, there was still plenty of time to have fun. I was able to spend time with people within the community, integrate myself into the culture of the country, go to exciting places like Panama City, the Caribbean, and even on a catamaran boat.

All of these things are what truly made this a great experience because although someone can do an internship or study back in their own country, I did one in another country where I didn’t speak the language fluently and was forced to adjust to the challenges. These things are what I truly believe makes the experience and I see a large part of growing as person to be placing yourself in uncomfortable situations to not only test your own strengths and weaknesses but more importantly to come out as a stronger and more vigilant individual. I would recommend this experience to anyone if they have the ability to do so. Inside Panama Real Estate is excited to mentor interns in all disciplines.  To find out more about the awesome internship opportunities contact


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