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Coronado World-Class Dental Care

By Thomas Battaglia for Inside Panama Real Estate

When I was confronted with major dental work, my maxillofacial surgeon in the United States estimated the cost at approximately $89,000. I decided to seek out an alternative. Quite accidentally, I heard from a Belgian ex-pat I met in Panama that the Clínica Dental of Coronado was capable of virtual miracles and incredible savings.  That began a saga that lasted more than four months wherein I contacted Dr. Manuel Chang (owner/partner) of the Clínica as to the details of my case.  I sent Dr. Chang dental photos and molds of my particular needs. Throughout those months, Dr.  Chang responded with clarity and details plus pricing strategies against various solutions.

Upon arrival for the commencement of treatment, I met Dr. Enzo Cano, a medical-school trained (in Spain) certified maxillofacial surgeon.  His English was clear and his surgical plan was laid out in confident terms. My surgery lasted three hours and 45 minutes; he removed 10 teeth and inserted 12 implants at the same time.  Throughout the operation I was attended by both the surgeon and an anesthesiologist (I was semi-conscious) who ensured there was absolutely no pain throughout this event. Unbelievably, there was absolutely zero (repeat: ZERO) pain during the procedure and the recovery.  A week later, Dr. Cano performed a bone graft that last two hours and 30 minutes; again, I experienced no pain before, during, or after the event.

The two doctors worked my case “hand in glove”.  Dr. Chang measured and installed temporary dental plates to be used during the healing and “seating” process of the gums and implants.  The doctors have exemplified the highest level of professional competence throughout this process (we’re half-way through a year-long endeavor!).  I have nothing but enormous gratitude and highest kudos for their skills.

And the cost equation? One-third of what it would have cost me in the US.

The incredible professionalism, service and substantial savings have led me to recommend Coronado Clínica Dental to everyone we know and meet.

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