Coronado Lifestyles Conference – Why it is a Good Idea

Karyn Saunders

In hindsight as it is always 20/20 if I were to do it again, I would have attended a conference.  I am not sure about Allan but I love networking, talking to others that are like minded and gathering as much information through those that have come before me as I can.

While many of the other conferences have you locked up in a hotel room for 3 days – all day, we decided to mix it up and give you the opportunity to explore and enjoy Panama and all that it has to offer.  Our conference room is also equipped with lots of windows and we only hold you captive in the room for 4 hours – 3 mornings in a row and captivate you with coffee, snacks and some pretty phenomenal speakers that will not only educate you but entertain.

Your afternoons are yours to choose what you would like to do and see and we will take you there.  If you are seeking Real Estate we will give you our grand tour.  If you are seeking a Panamanian experience we will give you the best of the local flavour.  City, Beach, Mountain or other the conference is designed to touch all of your senses and leave you with the decision on if it is right for you.

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Coronado Lifestyles was created to deliver facts and real life experiences.  It isn’t all good and some of what we have to say will contradict the band wagon internet sites you have been perusing.  We understand you are going to be either living here or investing here – we will then be your neighbours.  If we were to embellish and create a dream for you that is far from reality I know for a fact I would be watching my back in the fruit section of the grocery store for flying potatoes.

Coronado Lifestyles is simply this….educating and empowering and having fun in the process.  Again, if I were to do it again I only wish I had attended a conference such as this.

Our last two Coronado Lifestyles Conferences have been a blast and we are looking forward to our next in October and having you join us for coffee, conversation and a lot of adventure.

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