Coronado Lifestyle Conference Looking Forward to the Next One

By Karyn Saunders

The first Coronado Lifestyles Conference was held on November 11th -14th.  It was a three day, three night event filled with fabulous speakers, enthusiastic attendees and some interesting and eventful tours in the beach area of Panama.
Our speakers delivered valuable information on: Banking, Residency Visas, Taxes, Investing with Self Directed IRA’s, Current and Foreseeable Economic Status in Panama, Real Estate Buying Process, Rental Investments and ROI, Business Opportunites and Cost Of Living.
The attendees were from the U.S and Panama, and they all left with a bit more adventure and a lot of great information under their hats.  One of the highlights was an afternoon trip to the new Scarlett Martinez Airport in Rio Hato.  We arrived just after the grand opening party and were permitted into various areas of the airport that are scheduled to be in operation before the New Year.
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The conference agenda featured morning speakers, coffee and conversation at La Teca in the meeting room facility, and the afternoon was spent touring the area and real estate.  Evenings were filled with happy hours and cocktail parties.
Our next conference will be held on February 17-20th.  If you would like to find out more information about our upcoming conference, please email us at

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