In Coronado FIVE STAR ACADEMY – the school of choice for families living in the area

By Maudy Bom

Many young families from around the world are looking at the option to re-locate to Panama but have concerns and questions about educational choices for their kids here in Panama.

My daughter Maya attends Five Stars Academy in Santa Clara. She is attending the Pre-Kindergarten class with 8 of the cutest toddlers in the area and absolutely loves her school and all her little big friends there!

Five Stars Academy is a very friendly, family-oriented school.  Their goal is to educate their students to help them reach their full potential to become a positive citizen who will empower society to be a better place to live. The school offers a variety of activities to their students to empower and motivate them to give service to others, local organizations and the global community. This way they will grow in awareness of the cultural and social differences that make each person unique, they learn gentleness, humility, joy and respect.”


And this is exactly what I have witnessed after 2+ years of attending the school. In addition to the highly academic curriculum, the kids take part in many fun, interactive and physical activities including art, singing and fun chemistry projects.  I mean, how many Pre-K kids have built a volcano at school that actually erupts?
From day trips to the butterfly garden in El Valle to visiting the girls home in Penenome to fun costumed and pajama parties (for Halloween, dad’s as well as kids can dress up as Elsa), Five Stars Academy offers a wide-range of learning and family-centered activities.

The school organizes potlucks where every student brings flavors in from home and enjoy fun meals together, usually on the last day of a semester.  The kids have their own fundraiser project’s from running a marathon to selling home made pet cookies and cupcakes. Their activity program is as awesome where music class, singing class, gardening, gymnastics and even surf classes are offered!

For more information about this awesome school, please visit their website here!


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