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In Coronado Computer Repair

By Elise van Enoo

One of the perks living the expat life is to live in an area where there are many conveniences and lots of expertise close by and readily available, such as the hub of Coronado and its environs.

Recently I have been plagued with computer, cell phone, and TV challenges. Just want to share one of the gems of Coronado.  There is a store called Punto G and it is owned by a super tech savy woman from the US.  Vera Bucek is an absolute dynamo who does it all- and she is even reasonably priced.

My husband began to see really strange messages on his computer and thought he was hacked.  He called Vera who cleaned up the computer and got him back in business the same day.

We returned from a trip abroad recently and suddenly my computer went on the blink.   Seems my keyboard malfunctioned. Took it to Punto G, where Vera made the diagnosis and able to replace the keyboard on my otherwise perfect Apple Macbook Air.  In the interim, while waiting for the part, I am using a portable keyboard as per Punto G’s suggestion and life is good again. She also got my I phone straightened out when suddenly my email didn’t work on my previously smart phone.  It suddenly wasn’t very smart.  All fixed now, though.

TV has been unsatisfactory for us with cable from the local provider.   Thanks to this spunky lady, we are enjoying watching all the best of US TV- with much of it for FREE.  She got us set up with an Amazon Fire TV box that has allowed us to see some of the most awesome shows that were previously impossible to see here in Panama.  US broadcasts don’t make it to Panama easily.  Same goes for Canadian TV.  Now for many free shows and movies we see whatever we want including broadcasts from around the world.  My husband watches Dutch news regularly, minutes after it is broadcast from the Netherlands.   Same channel he had watched in Holland when we visited there recently.   It is amazing how broad the range of viewpoints are there when the world is opened onto viewers like us instead of only getting a biased version of the events of the day from mainstream US TV.

So if you have a challenge in any of these areas, Punto G has the answer.

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