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By:  Larke Newell

From 2010 when I first began “snowbirding” to Panama for six months each year to now, 2017, I am amazed to watch the constant progress being made throughout the country.  Largely due to the constant influx of ex-pats either retiring or conducting business here, the entire dynamic of the isthmus has changed, mostly for the better.

We now boast the very best highway systems in all of Central America and the infrastructure is constantly being updated and improved.  Throughout the area where I live, between David and Boquete, we have recently been upgraded from satellite TV and hit and miss internet to to modern fiber optic systems.  What an improvement!

Electricity in Panama is very reliable although, depending on the area, there can be local blackouts and brownouts.  However they have become shorter in duration and further between episodes. The crews are instantly out to remedy these situations, night or day. These outages mostly occur in April,  due to lack of water in the dams which produce the electricity, this being the end of the dry season.

Of course the huge Panama Canal expansion is a major economic boost to the country in all areas, including shipping, tourism, and of course employment.

panama real estate

New construction is rampant in every nook and cranny of the country.  From new modern high rises in Panama City and Gorgona to luxury housing developments such as Lucero and El Frances near Boquete.  As well, huge lower end family tract house subdivisions are cropping up along every roadway.

A sophisticated state of the art metro system now runs throughout Panama City, easing the horrendous traffic and parking problems there.  Elaborate new convention centers, eco-museums, and entertainment facilities are sprouting up everywhere on an ongoing basis.

David, capital of Chiriqui province, is a beehive of activity with two massive works in progress.  The new Kenny Seracen Baseball Stadium is in full construction and will be the most modern in all of Panama.

Just outside the city the massive Federal Mall is progressing rapidly.  This spectacular fifty acre mall, next to the proposed twelve acre bus terminal, will contain approximately four hundred stores and training centers, as well as a three thousand stall parking area.  Imagine the number of people this giant  will employ.

State of the art hospitals and clinics are being built throughout the country, as are international schools and other learning facilities.

On a more personal level, even police corruption, garbage removal and recycling projects are being dealt with in a satisfactory manner.

At the time of our initial arrival here police bribery at routine traffic checks was rampant.  This was largely due to the pitifully low wages paid to them and this was their way, albeit illegally, of augmenting their income.  Thankfully this practise has virtually ended thanks to a determined effort on the part of police chiefs, government officials, and independent citizens.  At least in my area I find the policia friendly, helpful, and eager to please.

In previous years garbage along roadways, in ditches, on streets, and in empty lots was unsightly and appalling.  Here also improvements are noticeable and cleanup is constant.

A few years ago recycling was virtually nonexistent in Panama but gradually it is developing and being  practised more and more .  People are being educated on the benefits, indeed the necessity, of this practise and new recycling businesses are cropping up in all areas.

All in all, I believe that anyone who lives here or visits periodically would be hard pressed to find any area where improvements on every level are not apparent in this progressive thinking little country.

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