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Questions About Panama

Questions About Panama Cynthia Lehman Inquiring Minds Want to Know Questions About Panama. Panama is the not the third world country you may think it is.  When I talk to people about visiting here I find they ask interesting questions.  I am sharing some of them to address concerns you may have about traveling here. […]

Moving to a New Country

Moving to a New Country Kurt Jacobson Moving to a New Country. If you’ve ever moved overseas, you may know just how challenging it can be. Many people spend years pondering life on the other side of the world and how it would be different, but don’t have the courage to make the move and […]

Car rental in Panama

Car rental in Panama TO RENT, OR NOT TO RENT…THAT IS THE QUESTION (AUTOS THAT IT) CAR RENTAL Elise Van Enoo Car rental in Panama. When foreigners come to Panama they have to confront the issue of transportation while here. Depending on length of stay and where they stay, some of the answers become obvious. […]

Learning Spanish in Panama

SPEAKING ENGLISH AND LEARNING SPANISH IN PANAMA BY LINDA CARD FOR INSIDE PANAMA So you’ve decided to come to Panama, but you’re a bit worried because you don’t speak Spanish. How concerned should you be? Well, the fact is that Spanish is the official language of Panama: all legal, government and business matters are conducted […]