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Community Markets in Coronado Panama

Community Markets in Coronado BY AMANDA SIDES AMANDA@IPREINFO.COM I love a good market, whether I’m shopping for breakfast or Christmas gifts, and the community markets in Coronado fit the bill. The market at Picasso Bar y Restaurante occurs once a month (usually the third Sunday of the month). It’s usually well-attended by vendors and shoppers alike. I’ve been […]

How to Take the Bus in Panama

How to Take the Bus in Panama BY KARYN SAUNDERS IN CORONADO KARYN@IPREINFO.COM After driving into Panama City yesterday to drop our guests off at Tocumen for an evening flight, I have decided that I will always take the bus or fly to the city until the subway system is completed in Panama. I have been taking the […]

Buying Fish in San Carlos Panama

Buying Fish in San Carlos Panama By Rudi Van Enoo: We found a fun and very useful gem yesterday: a place to see a variety of fishing boats, lots of activity and best of all, a great place to buy fresh, fresh, fresh seafood of all types. This is even larger and more active […]