The Buzz at the Coronado Beach Panama

By Elise Van Enoo

What an exciting time to be at the beach in the greater Coronado area!  So much is happening here and so fast that sometimes it leaves my head swimming. There are so many new shopping areas under construction, and some of the best stores and conveniences are coming to this area. In just the last four years this region has seen a dramatic increase in the number of shopping centers, restaurants, stores, and  banks, and it continues to grow.
I used to take the drive of about an hour into Panama city where anything and everything that I could ever want in North America I can find from the most up skewer to the common item. But now we have a brand-new price smart which is a kin to Cosco in the US. No more do we have to make the full drive to the city as it’s just a few kilometers from the Westland shopping center which keeps adding more and more to it it’s stable of offerings.

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Among the latest newcomers to be gracing us here are a new Arrocha (akin to the US CVS pharmacy only this one is on steroids), a gigantic Riba Smith market(which would be somewhat similar to a Bristol Farms grocery store in the US ), a big Do It Center – like Home Depot or Lowes.

In the way of development here, it’s becoming even more desirable to be owning or renting in the area. We have some beautiful new beachfront developments such as Ocean Waves, Royal Palms, and of course the completed and very exciting Bahia development with its beach front gourmet restaurant to the on the beach tiki bar. Not to mention multiple swimming pools and sports areas in open common areas.
The Royal Palm development is just breaking ground and promises to be even more exciting and well situated, then it’s earlier sister building in Coronado.

At the beach there are so many new services & conveniences; sports facilities with everything from yoga to Zumba and seems like everything in between that, it truly leaves me with so many choices as to what to do each day.

“Oh and did I mention that the absolutely exquisite ocean sparkles every single day, it’s deliciously warm and a playground for all sorts of water sports and accessible every day.”

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