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Buying Fish in San Carlos Panama

Buying Fish in San Carlos Panama

Buying Fish in San Carlos PanamaBuying Fish in San Carlos Panama

By Rudi Van Enoo: rudi@ipreinfo.com

We found a fun and very useful gem yesterday: a place to see a variety of fishing boats, lots of activity and best of all, a great place to buy fresh, fresh, fresh seafood of all types. This is even larger and more active than the one in Gorgona.

It is on the beach in San Carlos, along the Pacific coast, about 15 minutes from Coronado. You meander through the town heading toward the ocean, follow the white and blue signs to Club de Playa and – voila! – on the beach there is a lot of activity and various choices of seafood. It is quite a scene, with all these boats, nets, buckets of fish and fishermen carrying large loads from their boats. You can see the wholesalers make their purchases from the fishermen. All very primitive, very native, and very colorful…in other words, real local life in action.

This is not a market, however.   You have to find a vendor loading up his truck or the lady that is in charge of the vendors where they weigh the fish.  Everyone’s prices are about the same, very reasonable since they have going rates. There is someone there to clean the fish for free, but a tip of $1 is recommended. They don’t always have lobster or shrimp so it is hit or miss, but you are very likely to find sea bass (“corvina”) or snapper (“pargo”).

More about San Carlos here!

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