Azura – Charming Exquisite and What Everyone is Talking About

Karyn Saunders

Just under a year ago, my friend Kevin, his enthusiastic son Carl and his lovely wife Sandy took me out for lunch. They wanted to let me know they had acquired some land and were looking to create the ultimate gated community.  They then proceeded to ask me a series of questions on what I thought an “Ultimate” Gated Community would look like.

My reply was to simply create a community that works.  My ultimate gated community would have to have charm, greenery, views and of course affordable homes with fabulous finishings.  Kevin and Sandy nodded their heads, bought me my lunch and were off.

Since that lunch I have had the privilege of watching Azura ~ Queen of Dawn and Dusk. Only 11 months after our pizza lunch meeting they have begun to build an exquisite community that boasts amazing mountain views and gentle breezes become a reality. I am truly proud to say that today Azura is the community EVERYONE is talking about.

panama usa europe real estate azura
panama usa europe real estate azura

Azura is in the small community of Rodeo Viejo, 12 minutes from Coronado and 5 minutes from the Pacific.  Charm – absolutely.  The development will consist of 51 homes on lots ranging from 600-900 square metres with the best finishings I have seen in Panama to date.  The price point is unbelievable with a 2124 sq/ft home starting at $249, 000.

The gated community will consist of a social area with a pool, the guard house will be occupied 24/7 with a patrolling vehicle on site from dusk to dawn.

Security is their number one priority along with delivering high end finished homes with all the details.

Kevin Painter is a butterfly enthusiast and is also an award winning nature photographer, which lends to being extremely aware of the environmental impact of a development.  With that said, he and his son Carl have created their own greenhouse and have already began their efforts in giving back to the environment and making Azura a tropical paradise.

Azura is being developed by Kevin Painter and his son Carl Painter, who is lead project manager.

panama usa europe real estate azura

Kevin Painter is studied and trained in the field of home construction in England. He has built homes in Europe, North America and now South America. He is the proud recipient of 5 National Home Building awards. Together with his son Carl Painter, the team has 52 years of experience in the construction industry.

Presently Azura has 5 homes on their way to completion. The social area is well underway and the gatehouse is complete.  The Azura open house held on February 22nd had an amazing turnout.  I couldn’t help but become emotional as Kevin, Carl and Sandy greeted the guests with huge smiles of pride and accomplishment. As I walked through the model home (which has been sold) the word I consistently heard was ‘incredible’.

What I can say at this point is if you´re looking for a single family home, gated secure community with lots of charm and finishings, that I guarantee will be equal to or better than our North American dwellings, Azura is the community and I will personally take you there and introduce you to the Painter family.

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